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  • 5115

    Woodworking Essentials 1

    A New Genre of Woodworking The Artisan Course Woodworking Essentials 1 is an introduction to the properties of wood with a focus on shaping, using a range of Working...

    Length: 1:23:46


  • 5116

    Woodworking Essentials 2

    A New Genre of Woodworking The Artisan Course Woodworking Essentials 2 teaches you the crucial elements to successful joinery, as well as the essential tools and techniques. In this...

    Length: 1:25:53


  • Mortise and Tenons with Paul Sellers

    Mortise & Tenons

    You’ll master the hand-cut, haunched Mortise and Tenon joint and use newfound skills to create an elegant, heirloom-quality, solid oak side table. You will learn how to edge-joint a...

    Length: 1:39:37


  • 5130

    Master Sharpening

    A New Genre of Woodworking The Artisan Course. Focusing on the first of Paul’s woodworking principles (Sharpness, Accuracy and Technique), you’ll learn remarkable techniques to quickly and easily sharpen...

    Length: 2:01:05


  • Master Dovetails with Paul Sellers

    Master Dovetails

    A New Genre of Woodworking The Artisan Course teaches you to master perfect dovetails in this 90-minute video. Building on the essential concepts of Working Wood Series 1, you’ll...

    Length: 1:19:34


  • 5118

    Housing Dadoes

    A New Genre of Woodworking Continuing to focus on traditional joinery skills, in this video you’ll learn a number of techniques to master Housing Dadoes. You’ll have the ability...

    Length: 1:23:05


  • Master Workbenches with Paul Sellers

    Master Workbenches

    Incorporating The Three Joints™ and the elements you've learned in the five previous videos, we'll teach you to make a Traditional European Workbench that is stronger than most benches.

    Length: 1:23:31


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