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  • ShopClass-TV-Front-2

    American Woodworker TV Merging with Pop Wood’s ShopClass

    American Woodworker TV is being shut down as the brand merges with Popular Woodworking and its ShopClass on Demand site, which offers more than 600 woodworking videos. Learn more...

    Length: 1:46

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  • 5115

    Woodworking Essentials 1

    A New Genre of Woodworking The Artisan Course Woodworking Essentials 1 is an introduction to the properties of wood with a focus on shaping, using a range of Working...

    Length: 1:23:46


  • 5116

    Woodworking Essentials 2

    A New Genre of Woodworking The Artisan Course Woodworking Essentials 2 teaches you the crucial elements to successful joinery, as well as the essential tools and techniques. In this...

    Length: 1:25:53


  • Mortise and Tenons with Paul Sellers

    Mortise & Tenons

    You’ll master the hand-cut, haunched Mortise and Tenon joint and use newfound skills to create an elegant, heirloom-quality, solid oak side table. You will learn how to edge-joint a...

    Length: 1:39:37


  • 5130

    Master Sharpening

    A New Genre of Woodworking The Artisan Course. Focusing on the first of Paul’s woodworking principles (Sharpness, Accuracy and Technique), you’ll learn remarkable techniques to quickly and easily sharpen...

    Length: 2:01:05


  • Master Dovetails with Paul Sellers

    Master Dovetails

    A New Genre of Woodworking The Artisan Course teaches you to master perfect dovetails in this 90-minute video. Building on the essential concepts of Working Wood Series 1, you’ll...

    Length: 1:19:34


  • 5118

    Housing Dadoes

    A New Genre of Woodworking Continuing to focus on traditional joinery skills, in this video you’ll learn a number of techniques to master Housing Dadoes. You’ll have the ability...

    Length: 1:23:05


  • Master Workbenches with Paul Sellers

    Master Workbenches

    Incorporating The Three Joints™ and the elements you've learned in the five previous videos, we'll teach you to make a Traditional European Workbench that is stronger than most benches.

    Length: 1:23:31


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