Mastering the Detail/Spindle Gouge

How to sharpen and use a basic tool.

Master turner Alan Lacer demonstrates how to sharpen and use a detail/spindle gouge. This tool is the best choice for cutting coves (concave shapes), rolling beads (convex shapes) and shaping ogees (a combination of concave and convex curves).


  1. Thanks… great instructional video/tips.

    Alex Acle, 1 year ago Reply

  2. It is refreshing and exciting to watch a turner who really knows how to sharpen and use the spindle gouge. Alan is the best around.

    Bob Hawks, 1 year ago Reply

  3. Alan Lacer’s video on how to sharpen and use a detail/spindle gouge is fantastic! I’ve learned from some excellent turners and still took away more complete understanding of this tool. Mr. Lacer also gave answers to problems I’ve had. Experienced or novice, this is a wonderful video.

    Teddy, 1 year ago Reply

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