Making the Enigma Cube

A perfect project for a rainy day.

“How does it come apart?” You’ll be asked this question each time you hand one of these cubes to a friend. You’ll answer, “Well, you just hold it like this, then pull.” Your ability to read wood grain will help you to quickly identify which sides to grab. Your friend will be mystified. That’s just one of the small pleasures in making these airy nothings. They really don’t have a purpose other than to tickle your fancy.

One Comment

  1. Nice little exercise in precision cutting and gluing, and another way to use those leftover scraps of wood that are too pretty to discard…

    If you have a router table, that would be another way to bevel the edges… with the same caveat of wanting to sneak up on the measurement very gradually.

    If you want a “practical” use for this, remember that small boxes can always be used to enclose other gifts.

    Felix Domestica, 1 year ago Reply

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