A Craftsman’s Tool Chest

These drawers maximize storage space.

Machinists and mechanics keep their small tools in a chest with shallow drawers. I do, too—except mine is custom-built, sized to exactly fit what I want to keep close at hand. And it’s more than a merely functional metal box: Made from figured cherry and matched all around, my tool chest is a daily reminder that grain matters.


  1. Beautiful tool box

    Jack, 2 years ago Reply

  2. Compared to the other videos this one with just still photo’s doesn’t seem as helpful.

    Dan Hergott, 2 years ago Reply

  3. am I missing something on this? does the table saw blade have a 3/8″ kerf, if not, how do you control the width of the cut? I have read and re-read the magazine article and feel a bit thick. can anyone help?

    Chris Jones, 2 years ago Reply

    • To get a 3/8″ cut with flat bottom, use a dado stack blade or one of the special box joint blade sets.

      Woodbear, 10 months ago Reply

  4. The box is beautiful. The video is a four minute and forty-nine second waste of my time. Yes, you’ve built a beautiful box. But I kept waiting for the narration to begin so I could learn a little more about what he was doing, why he made the choices he made, what he was keeping in the box, etc. Maybe some comments about this and I’d be interested in picking up the issue of the magazine and checking this out more. Now I’m just frustrated.

    Eric, 10 months ago Reply

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