A Simple Crosscut Sled

Make square cuts on large pieces.

A piece of 1/2″ melamine, a hardboard runner and a hardwood fence are all you need to make a crosscut sled that can accurately square large unwieldy boards as well as plywood and other sheet stock up to 24″ wide. A simple adjustment method makes it easy to precisely square the fence, and the sled has a zero-clearance edge so you can quickly and accurately align each cut.


  1. Very good video. I like the clear explanations.

    Dan Hergott, 2 years ago Reply

  2. This is a very awesome video so simple & your right Dan clear explanations.

    I use plating card all the time in the shop to fine adjust miters on the mitre say or table saw as well in shimming to fit drawers & doors any where you need a tiny, precise & predictable shim.

    I will use this method on my next Crosscut Sled

    Dan Cullen, 2 years ago Reply

  3. Simple solutions to complex problems are an art mastered here with the 90 degree adjustment. I never would have thought of it and it’s a pleasure to have my eyes opened. Thank you.

    Terry Mickelson, 1 year ago Reply

  4. Excellent video. Made one the same day. Used an old Formica countertop for sled with UHMW Polyethylene for the slot runner guide and 2-1/2″ high piece of a 5/4 oak stair tread for the fence. A bit heavy using 3/4″ Formica, but after sanding and waxing the bottom, it glides like an ice skate.

    Adjusted as described by the video: a permanent screw at the blade end of the fence, 3 pre-drilled adjuster holes and four eventual “permanent screw” holes, all in the bottom front edge of the Formica sled ONLY (not into the fence, yet). Proved square the first time and plugged in 5 2-1/2″ #10 permanent countersunk screws. Now adding an oval hand hole to help place and remove it from the saw table. THANKS for the video!!

    Neil Clipsham, 1 year ago Reply

  5. What about zero clearance on the bottom of the stock you are cutting.
    since the stock is not supported on both sides of the blade, is there any roughness or tear out on the bottom of the stock.
    I have seen a lot of cross cut sleds where the ZCI slot is cut down the center of the base board.

    anthony diodati, 1 year ago Reply

  6. Tim, great video! But having said that, I’m having trouble squaring the fence with Converging pencil lines. assumption: the point of conversion is a point some distance away from the fence. (not at the fence). Under these conditions, I assume that 1: the angle is more than 90 degrees at the Blade. 2: I intend to move the fence forward about one or two playing cards. Tim, can you please indulge a confused old woodworker by commenting on my “confusion”. Many Thanks!

    Henry Holmes, 1 year ago Reply

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