Intermediate SketchUp

Included in the purchase price will be a download containing class notes, SketchUp examples, and other supporting materials. Click here to view the tutorial for installing and setting up SketchUp.

Intermediate SketchUp Webinar


Intermediate SketchUp builds on the Beginner’s SketchUp Webinar. This webinar will use the free version of Trimble SketchUp primarily, but the students will be exposed to the Pro version also. The focus of this intermediate level webinar is modeling non-linear components; components with circular and complex shapes.

Each part will deal with modeling a single component of a furniture piece, though the students will have access to the complete model. Part 1 will begin with an arched rail for a clock door, the arch being a simple circular curve. Part 5 will focus on modeling cabriole legs using Bezier Spline curves. Each part will include an introduction to new tools – including a few Ruby script extensions to SketchUp – that are necessary to create ever increasing complex shapes.

Some Parts of this webinar are broken into two videos called Part #A and Part #B to keep the video length reasonable. In addition, in Part 3 the student will be asked to view a video called Non-Circular Curve Tools prior to viewing Part 3. This is to demonstrate the use of the Bezier Spline Ruby script plugin that is used from Part 3 on. Each Part is also accompanied with one or more PDF files explaining the webinar in text form to aid those who may be less visual learners. Some Parts also include SketchUp model files for the students use in following along and practicing on his/her own.


Click here to view the table of contents for the Intermediate SketchUp tutorial.


Viewer Feedback


Frank Pratt says:
A few months ago I went through the beginner’s tutorials & really enjoyed them. I got sidetracked by life for a while & now am reviewing them & then will move on the the others. Your manner & method of presenting the content is excellent (if only you had been a teacher at my high school) and I am enjoying every minute of the videos. Thank you very much for the efforts you have put into these tutorials.

Wally Luikey says:
Hi Joe,
I am starting your tutorial series over again. Too many interuptions in my life I guess.
Your details are excellent.
Building stuff in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Draffter says:
Wonderful tutorial for us dummies.
I’ve been a draftsman [miscellaneous] since ’65 and can’t get enough of this stuff. Thanks for your dedication to the art.

Joe Lyddon says:
First of all, THESE are GREAT tutorials & Thank you very much!
From a design standpoint, I noticed that all of your tenons went Full Depth… technically, don’t you think they should be short by maybe 1/16″?
This is really GOOD!
I think more has ‘sunk-in’ than ever before… all I have to do now, is to REMEMBER it! :) :)
Thanks again and Happy New Year!

Stephen says:
I can’t say enough good things about these videos. I thought that I was pretty handy with sketchup but I’ve already learned things and am looking forward to learning more.

Sergei says:
Thanks a lot for clear and very comprehensive. I’ve done quite a few of them but yours are the best. Really appreciate your commitment to doing this and helping others

Kevin McCormick says:
Thank you, thank you! I have not been able to make sense of this tool in the past, you are providing me with the understanding to finally be able to use this software. Once again thank you.

Teresa Jones says:
Best SketchUp tutorials I’ve seen to date. Nice job, easy to follow, right length, just very well done.
Thank you for your generosity in sharing your knowledge.

Bernie Owen says:
I’ve tried a couple of times to get to grips with sketchup and given up. I found your videos by chance and decided to have one last attempt. What a revelation! I can’t thank you enough for the videos.I’m now a sketchup addict. Brilliant

Ed says:
this tutorial is one of the best I’ve ever used! Very thorough and productive.

Gary says:
This is my fourth or fifth attempt at trying to “get” sketchup. I have purchased paper books, online tutorials and everything else you can think of since, I think v2 for sketchup. I have also done the same with rhino – books and tutorials, also tried silo and several others. Two years ago I purchased v2 of moi3d. Of all of them I have got to the point of actually creating an abacus and a couple of pieces of fit together small stands for notebook computers and cookbooks. I just don’t and didn’t get any of them. Moi3d has a plethora of docs that will explain all kinds of stuff. It’s a way over my head. I am finding lately that it really isn’t useful for assembling real 3d components in 3d.

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