Gluing and Clamping Odd Shapes


  1. I have an antique vanity and bench I’ve been redoing. I took the top piece off the bench off to have it reupholstered. Unfortunately the wood split in two and I need to glue it together. My problem is that the sides of the bench top are curved. How would I be able to clamp something like this. I though maybe I could put strips of duct tape to keep it together but wont be able to put pressure on it. Maybe screw a few of those L shaped brackets on but still wont have much pressure. Any suggestions? Thanks

    Rob Webster, 1 year ago Reply

    • The simplest method of gluing your bench top together is to bind it with something strong and stretchy, such as bicycle inner tubes cut into 1″ wide strips. A better method is to use clamps and blocks that are tailor made to fit the top’s curved sides. Blocks that are straight on the outside and have a V-cutout on the inside might do, but if you have a scrollsaw or bandsaw it’s better make clamping blocks that exactly match the curve. Again, the blocks should be straight on the outside and concave on the inside. The shorter the distance between the straight and concave surfaces, the less likely it is to roll when you apply clamping pressure.

      jtoner, 1 year ago Reply

  2. my son broke his platform bed and i would like to glue it back together however the parts that need to be glued are all on angles in an L shape what exactly do i need to fix it and how???

    Scorpio, 1 year ago Reply

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