Sticky Miter Gauge?

The solution is in a kitchen drawer.

If your miter gauge doesn’t slide very smooth, try lubricating it. Here’s a surprising way to do it.


  1. My dad always kept a wedge of beeswax in the shop. It works great for same, (with a wipe down from a t-shirt after), as well as providing a great tune up for teeth of all hand saws. This works great on table saw as well, and keeps fences moving with ease, as well as table tops from being sticky.

    Mike Steed, 1 year ago Reply

    • Paraffin wax (sold as canning wax) is a better choice than beeswax. Any residue of beeswax on the surface of your wood may prevent a finish from sticking to it. In my experience, paraffin won’t contaminate the wood because it’s a petroleum-based product. —Tom Caspar, Editor of American Woodworker

      jtoner, 1 year ago Reply

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