Oval Turning

There's really a jig that can do this?

Expert turner Alan Lacer demonstrates the  Vicmarc VOD300, an accessory that really does allow you to turn an oval frame or platter.


  1. This is excellent,what is the price of it?
    and do you have more stuff like these?

    MARIUS & VANESSA, 2 years ago Reply

  2. I have successfully built an Oval Chuck simular to David Springett’s but out of steel.
    To balance the chuck I made an ballencing chuck that runs with the Ring set opposite the primary chuck’s ring. It balances quite well at 400 rpm. .
    I have turned a very nice lidded box and several plates simular to thoes turned by David Springett.
    The chuck has to be oiled frequently. The ballencing chuck ring can be adjusted to balance the project being turned.

    Paul Rohrbacher, 2 years ago Reply

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